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Roll Off Containers FAQ

Q. What is the most popular roll off container size?
A. Without a doubt the 20 cubic yard dumpster rental is the most popular. We call it the “20 yarder”.  It has a very manageable footprint that fits on any driveway.  It is 12 feet long by 8 feet wide by 6 feet tall.  It has double doors on the back (just like barn doors) that open up and let you carry, drag, or wheel your trash into it.  See the dumpster sizing post to the left.

Q. Will the dumpster break my driveway?
A. A dumpster rental from Alpha Team KC will not harm your driveway in any way.  Our trucks are low profile and lightweight, specifically designed for placing dumpsters without impact to your drive.

Q. Are your roll-off dumpsters clean?
A. Yes. We clean them weekly so you and your neighbors will not have to look at a dirty dumpster in front of your home.

Q. What can I throw away?  
A. You can put anything you want in the dumpster rental except for hazardous materials. These include paints, solvents, oil etc.

Q. Do I have to be there for the dumpster drop off and pick up.
A. No. If you pay by credit card over the phone you do not need to be present.

Q. I have at least 40 yards of junk, but there is no way to fit a big container on my driveway. What is my best cost solution?
A. If you order two or more 20 yard dumpster rentals we will discount the cost to make it competitive with ordering one 40 yard.

Q. How long does it take to get a dumpster rental?
A. We can have one to you the same day in most cases.  The next day for sure.

Q. Does the rental fee include all costs?
A. Yes.  You pay only the dumpster rental fee.  There are no dumping fee’s, pick-up fee’s or any other fee’s.

Q. When we are done filling it, how long before you can come an pick it up.
A. Same day in most cases, by the next business day for sure.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes.  We carry full coverage.