Roll Off Dumpster Rules

February 8, 2017 by  
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The main reason we have rules is to keep us safe.  That holds true for roll off dumpsters as well.  Here’s a quick list of rules and regulations when you rent a roll off dumpster.

1.  No concrete is allowed.  This includes bricks, gravel, rocks and dirt.  Why?  The main reason is weight.  1 cubic yard of any of these materials listed weighs 2000 pounds.  So that means if you fill the roll off dumpster up with these items it will weigh 40,000 pounds or 20 tons.  That’s a lot!!  Most trucks are only built to carry a maximum of 4 tons payload.  (It’s against the law to carry more than the truck rating)  Some of the bigger trucks can carry more, but this kind of weight is still unsafe to have on the road.  There are Dept. of Transportation officers that patrol the highways for all of our safety.  They are trained to watch the various trucks drive by and evaluate how much load they are transporting.  All commercial trucks will get pulled over at least one time a month to have a routine inspection.  If they are found to be overweight, the penalties are very large.

2.  No car tires are allowed in roll off dumpsters.  Why?  Tires represent a serious environmental concern on several fronts. Part of the risk lies with their chemical makeup. Toxins released from tire decomposition, incineration or accidental fires can pollute the water, air and soil.  42 states regulate tire disposal.  The right thing to do with them is take them to a tire recycler.  Residents of Kansas City, Missouri can drop off waste tires at the Environmental Campus, 4707 Deramus, on the first Saturday of each month from March through November. Operating hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cost is $1.50 per tire in most cases.

3.  Keep the trash level full or below the top.  Why?  First off, when the roll off dumpster is lifted up onto the truck it goes up on a step angle.  That means anything you load over the top will fall back off on the driveway.  Once the roll off dumpster is up on the truck it is over 10 feet in the air and there is no way to get the trash back in it.  Second, it is against the law for us to drive down the road with anything sticking out above the top of the roll off dumpster.  This is a good law.  It protects all the drivers out there.  No one wants a couch or a BB-Q grill flying onto their car.

4.  No paint is allowed in roll off dumpster.  Why?  It is considered Hazardous Household Waste.  HHW. What should you do with these types of items?  You can take them to a HHW collection facility.  Kansas City residents can use the one below.